Complete Range Of High Quality Maintenance Services
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Please take a look at the wide range of maintenance services that we offer and get in touch with us for your specific requirement. As soon as you contact us, we will make sure to offer a prompt and meticulous attendance within the quickest time.

All Types of Extensions

  • Back Extension
  • Side Extension
  • Side Double Extension
  • Garage
  • Rear Extension
  • Renovation
  • Porch Extension

Painting and Decorating

A quality coat of painting brings a new life and soul to an otherwise dull and faded home décor. If you think your house has lost all its charm and requires renovation, contact us for availing the best painting and decorating services offered at affordable charges. We are a certified establishment and we use only the superior quality painting products making sure they stay intact for an extended span of time and you are able to attain the décor of your imagination.

Kitchen and Bathroom Installation

Your kitchen and bathroom are two most essential segments of your house and it is highly essential that they are kept in properly maintained and functional condition for allowing you to enjoy an upgraded lifestyle. If your old kitchen and bathroom spaces have lost their charm and functionality, or you are erecting new structures altogether, contact us for availing the best professional kitchen and bathroom installation support.

Plaster and Skimming

Plaster and skimming are two highly essential parts of any construction procedure that brings ultimate perfection to the structure. Plastering a wall is the process of putting three different layers of plaster on the wall in order to make it smooth and flawless. Skimming is a specific plastering technique that involves the application of a thin coat on a newly plastered or old wall for creating the smooth surface ready for decoration. This process also removes any kinds of cracks or flaws that may exist on the walls it is applied to.

We, MBG Builders will offer you the best and most exceptional plastering and skimming service for your home or commercial establishment. We are a team of highly qualified property maintenance experts offering our plastering and skimming services for an extended time. We utilize only the superior quality products in all our plaster and skimming services, so they are sure to stay intact and in flawless state for an extended time to arrive. Our top quality craftsmanship surely will enable you to attain the perfect structure of your expectations, and create the elegant décor of your dreams.

Driveways and Brickworks

Do you observe any kind of defects such as cracks, pot holes, rutting, shoving, or upheaval on your existing driveways? If so, then wait no more and get in touch with us. We will make sure all the flaws are repaired within the quickest time, getting your pavement ready for safe rides. We will also offer you a quality professional brickworks repair and maintenance attendance, whenever you are in need.

Gutter and Roofing

Gutter and roofing are two another highly essential segments in your structures that you need to take appropriate care of. Your roof protects you from all kinds of outside adverse circumstances such as rain, snow, heavy wind and other enemies, while your gutter system protects your roof by draining the excessive rain water in a projected methodical way. If you require any kind of repair or installation assistance for these two structures in your house, get in touch with us.

Plumbing and Electrical Works

Plumbing and electrical services can be required in your house any given moment. We are here to offer you the most dependable professional help in Central London, Westminster, Surrey, and Anderson areas. Regardless of whether you are having to deal with plumbing issues such as leaky toilet, dripping faucets, clogged drains, et cetera or are annoyed with electrical issues such as a non-functional fan or air conditioner, circuit overload, electrical shots et cetera, we will offer you the safest and most efficient solution. We are accessible 24 hours a day so you do not have worry even in a plumbing or electrical emergency.

Carpentry Services

You can also get in touch with us for the need of any kind of carpentry services. We will not only create brand new wooden articles for you as per your requirements, we will also offer you the best repair services if you are having issues with your existing structures. Regardless of whether you want us to fix your defective doors and windows, or you want us to craft a brand new study table for your kid, we are exclusively available for your service.

School Maintenance Works

Our extended range of quality professional repair and maintenance services are not limited to your residential complex alone.

We are readily available for serving educational institutions too. So, if you are the owner of a school or are somehow responsible for looking after such an establishment, get in touch with us for availing the best school maintenance works in town. May you want us fix the faulty plumbing system, repair electrical disturbances, or you want us to offer any carpentry services instead, we will make sure you are able to attain the best attendance.

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